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Another great show and tell!

Chris from Hobby Town brought a whole bunch of different size and shape remote control multicopters. He showed us all the basic parts required to make everything from a basic one that has self leveling all the way up to fully autonomous, tell-it-what-gps-coordinates-to-fly-to-and-it-will drones. There were some with cameras attached and some without. Some can …

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Space Enhancements

James Dinsmore, our newly elected facilities manager, has been facilitating the heck out of our space.  A crew got together this morning and put up new shelving and got some dedicated workstations set up. Amazing job James!  Thank you! This also inspired the Tetris group to get our banners hung up again.     

Makerspace Member Neil Jansen featured in articles

One of our members, Neil Jansen has developed a delta 3d printer printer / pick and place machine that has been featured on hack-a-day and 3dPrint.com!  Great job Neil!  We hope you win the hackaday prize! You can see Neil’s creation here and vote for him by giving him a skull. http://hackaday.io/project/963-%24300-Pick-and-Place-%2F-3D-printer The 3dPrint.com article is located here: …

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