Orlando Mini Maker Faire 2013

Here are a few of our images of our booth from the weekend. Thank you to everyone that helped us run the booths and to everyone that came to visit us this year.Orlando Mini Maker Faire 2013. These pictures were taken by Brooks. We’ll get more up as soon as we collect them all.  

Door lettering installed!

Something cool happened yesterday. We got door lettering installed on our new door for the space we got. We are acquiring tools and equipment now. If you have any thing you would like to donate, please let us know.

Photos from Arduino Classes on July 20

Here are some pictures of the Intro to Arduino and eTextiles and wearable electronics workshops that we conducted over the weekend at TrepHub. A huge thank you to everyone that attended and helped. Intro to Arduino [srizonfbalbum id=5] Intro to eTextiles and wearable electronics [srizonfbalbum id=6]  

Hot out of the oven!

Here’s a photo of the Protosnap Lilypad Development boards hot out of the wave solderer oven at┬áJaycon Systems, They have made these boards that contain the Lilypad Arduino developed by Leah Buechley, momentary push button, RGB LED, 5 White LEDs, vibration motors, sound buzzer and a temperature sensor. You literally snap apart the pieces you …

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Super Capacitor Flashlight

Here is a really cool flashlight design. that Instructables user EngineeringShock built that charges a bunch of caps and charges via a 9v wall wart. Unfortunately, super capacitors can only be charged to lower voltages; typically around 2.5v or 2.7v as a standard. If you place some super capacitors in series, you can charge to …

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